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Harley’s Fantasy – Objectify Me

Want to hear one of my fantasies? Let me whisper it in your ear. This is one of my favourite’s when I’m in the mood for being objectified.

Used (Teaser)

Enter a dystopian future, where women have no rights, and are used as pleasure slaves to service the male workforce. Listen, as one pleasure slave is strapped inside a company “Relief Station,” with all her holes exposed.

Used (Teaser)

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Are Open Relationships Less Committed?

One of the biggest misconceptions about open relationships is that they aren’t as committed as their monogamous counterparts. This is because people tend to confuse “commitment” and “monogamy.”

Vetting Questions I’m Using in 2024

If you are wanting 2024 to be a year of exciting kinky experiences (come on gangbang 🤞🏻) it’s likely you might need to do some vetting. 

Personally, my vetting process could use an update! I did some research and found 10 questions I will be using this year to vet potential new play partners. (For the full list, listen to this week’s podcast)

Shower with Your Horny Girlfriend

The best fun you can have before breakfast! You wake up horny, and can hear your girlfriend singing in the shower. You decide to sneak a peek. She catches you and invites you to join her. You begin soaping up her beautiful body, and before you know it she is on her knees for you.

My first water bondage scene! 💧

So last week I got tied up in ropes in my friend’s pool. I had my arms, wrists and legs tied, so I could not swim at all… the experience was amazing, but not at all what I expected! 

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