Embrace your true self through kink and connection.

About Harley

Hi, I’m Harley, and I am a somatic sexologist, specialising in kink and BDSM.

For a long time, I was ashamed of my desires, feeling like I wasn’t normal or that there was something wrong with me. I felt bored by the sex I was having, and I almost gave up on sex and intimacy altogether. 

A turning point came when I discovered kink and finally started embracing my true desires. Experimenting with sensual shibari, power exchange, sensation play, CNC, and other types of kink has allowed me to discover a deeply personal and unique part of myself that I wasn’t able to reach in my vanilla life. 

Embracing kink has helped me sooth past wounds, build trust and deep connection with my partner, and foster a vibrant, fulfilling intimate life. I realised that what society deems “normal” is an extremely narrow view, and there’s so much more on the menu…

I now host a kink podcast called Turns Out I’m Into It, where I speak to kinksters from all over the world about their unique journeys and specialisations. This has given me a broad understanding of the many types of kinky play, as well as the many challenges people face when exploring BDSM.

Through the success of the podcast, I decided to get formal training in sexology to become more informed and to help people in a one-on-one setting.

As a somatic coach, I go beyond traditional talk therapy and guide you to interpret signals from your own body. Together, we can uncover your true desires, understand your needs and boundaries, and communicate them effectively with your partner(s).

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, I offer personalised coaching to help you break free from societal constraints and create meaningful connections that work for you. If you’re ready to start exploring your kinks and living your best sex life, book a free call with me today and discover what’s possible!

My partner Slade and I have a Dom/sub relationship that allows us to explore the most private parts of ourselves together.