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Collar me, own me

Collars carry a lot of meaning within the BDSM community, and are extremely popular kinky items! So why is that? Why are so many people into the idea of being collared and ‘owned?’ Why are so many others into the idea of ‘owning’ someone else? Particularly if that person is a beloved partner?

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Sub Drop

Sub drop, is a term used to describe the negative physical and emotional effects that some submissives may experience after an intense BDSM scene. It’s a state of emotional and physical exhaustion, vulnerability, and sometimes depression or anxiety that can occur in the hours or days following a BDSM experience.

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Subspace is a state of altered consciousness that some individuals may experience during BDSM activities. It’s often described as a deep, euphoric, and meditative state that can be achieved through intense physical and psychological stimulation, such as pain, restraint, and domination.

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