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What is subspace?

Subspace – sometimes called being “floaty” – is a state of altered consciousness that some individuals may experience during BDSM activities. It’s often described as a deep, euphoric, and meditative state that can be achieved through intense physical and psychological stimulation, such as pain, restraint, and domination.

Subspace is thought to be the result of the release of endorphins and other feel-good hormones that flood the brain during BDSM activities. It can vary in intensity and duration depending on the person and the experience, and some people may not experience subspace at all.

How to play safely?

While subspace can be a positive and transformative experience for some individuals, it’s important to note that it can also be a vulnerable state where a person may feel disoriented or disconnected from reality. Just like being high or drunk, subspace can effect a person’s ability to make decisions. Therefore, it’s essential for both partners to communicate openly and establish clear boundaries before engaging in BDSM activities. Never attempt to negotiate or renegotiate any aspect of a scene while a person is in subspace.

Additionally, aftercare – which includes physical and emotional support – is crucial for a person to come back to a grounded state after experiencing subspace. Aftercare is also effective in preventing or reducing the severity of “sub drop.”

How do I experience subspace?

Subspace is sometimes seen as the ultimate goal for a submissive during a BDSM scene. However, just like with achieving orgasm, it isn’t always easy or possible to get there. Each person’s experience is different, and it is best not to put too much pressure or expectation on yourself or your partner(s). In order to increase your chances of getting into subspace, try to relax your body and mind prior to the scene beginning. This could mean doing a meditation or breathing exercises before you begin, or making sure your responsibilities are taken care of, and you wont be interrupted during the session.

Subspace is triggered by intense physical and/or psychological stimulation. The most common types of BDSM activities associated with subspace are:


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