Shower with Your Horny Girlfriend

The best fun you can have before breakfast! You wake up horny, and can hear your girlfriend singing in the shower. You decide to sneak a peek. She catches you and invites you to join her. You begin soaping up her beautiful body, and before you know it she is on her knees for you.

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My first water bondage scene! 💧

So last week I got tied up in ropes in my friend’s pool. I had my arms, wrists and legs tied, so I could not swim at all… the experience was amazing, but not at all what I expected! 

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Tied and Taken – Shibari Stories

One for the bunnies… Take a walk along the beach at sunset, with a sexy rigger. Relax, as you listen to the sound of the waves, as you walk hand in hand, with the beach to yourselves. Once you reach the jetty, he will tie a beautiful chest harness over your dress, just as the sun disappears beyond the horizon.

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Fun at the Lookout

Based on a true story. Boys, imagine taking your girlfriend for a drive through the mountains. You’re making good time, so you decide to stop at a lookout. The view is incredible. It’s nice to be out in nature. There is no one around and your girlfriend whispers in your ear that she wants to give you a blowjob…

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Quickie in the Kitchen

Want to get home from work and fuck your gorgeous girlfriend? She’s cooking in the kitchen when you arrive. She gives you a “welcome home” kiss and you bend her over the kitchen bench. Only problem is, you’ve got friends coming over for dinner any minute! Better be quick before you get caught!

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Doting Girlfriend Takes Care of You

This one is for the hard working boys… You’ve just got home from work, and your loving (and naughty) girlfriend wants to take care of you. Sit back and relax as she tends to your every need, making you feel like a King.

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Shibari Stories – The Mermaid Tie

This audio fantasy is an intimate description of a real life shibari scene between two partners. Relax into ropes and experience a more sensual side of power play. Don’t forget to charge your toys!

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