Everyone Deserves to Feel Special and Loved

Everyone deserves to feel special and loved. That was the main motivation for my latest erotic meditation ‘Doting Girlfriend Takes Care of You.’

It is a simple story… the listener gets home from a hard day’s work, and he is doted on by his gorgeous girlfriend. She sits him down, removes his clothes and gives him a blowjob while they wait for dinner to cook. All the while listening to a thunderstorm rumbling outside (which I recorded my first summer here in Townsville).

Sounds pretty nice right? 😌

This one is quite different to my usual audio content. I generally create stories around my CNC fantasies, which are about feeling fear, domination, and degradation. This is one of the first stories I’ve created that comes from a very different place. It’s about feeling warmth and closeness, being wanted and loved. It is also my first audio aimed primarily at men.

I feel there is a HUGE need for content like this, and I intend to create lots more of it. There is plenty of porn on the internet sure, but what I’m interested in is creating erotic content that makes you feel whatever it is you need to feel. Sometimes that’s feeling used and degraded, and sometimes (in this case) it is to feel loved, cared for, and appreciated.

One of the BEST things about being in a healthy relationship is having someone to come home to. Someone to cuddle you and take care of you when you need it. I know a lot of you reading this won’t have that in your life right now. If that’s you, I get how exhausting that loneliness can feel. Please do not give up.

For the heterosexual men reading, unfortunately I can’t give you all a gorgeous doting girlfriend. But I can make you something that will give you some of those yummy feelings that come with being taken care of (and hopefully a really nice wank 😉).

I realise this post is a bit of a plug for my audio art, but it’s also about expressing some of the intentions behind it. If you’re still reading this far, thank you for your interest in my kinky creations.🙏🏻

If this writing has sparked your curiosity and you like the idea of having me whispering sweet, loving, naughty affection in your ear, eventually leading to a story about my tender lips around your handsome cock, then click here for a preview.

If you think the experience is worth a few bucks then I will much appreciate your support in helping me continue making this content!

Sending love and cuddles to all my gorgeous followers. Thank you so much for reading!

Xx Harley

P.S there will be no podcast episode this week as I’m having wisdom tooth surgery, so send me supportive thoughts, and I’ll be back with a new episode the following week 🤞🏻💜

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