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Sleep Play: the Gateway to CNC play?

What is Sleep Play? Well, sleep play is a kink where one person is asleep (or pretending to be asleep) while the other person engages in sexual activity with them. 

For some people, this sounds super creepy! But for others, there are lots of great reasons why sleep play can be a fantastic turn on! 🔥🔥🔥.

In this week’s podcast episode, I discuss how sleep play may look very different for different people, as well as give you the tools to discuss this kink with your partner(s).

For example, some people find the naughtiness and taboo-ness of sleep play exciting. Others feel deeply trusted if they are given permission to enjoy their partner’s body while they sleep. 

The way you feel about Sleep Play will depend on the way you are wired sexually, and there is no shame in feeling however you feel. 

Sleep Play and CNC

If you are curious about exploring CNC, then sleep play is a fantastic introduction. Many people feel awkward about roleplay and the idea of acting out a full abduction fantasy can be intimidating! That’s where Sleep Play can be a great way in (pun intended 😉).

A CNC sleepy roleplay is ideal to start with, because it doesn’t require much talking or acting between partners. One partner simply stays “asleep” while the other quietly and sneakily gets to play with their body. Usually this scenario is enough for the bottom to feel “taken advantage of” and the top to feel sufficiently naughty and powerful. 

It also makes things easier logistically speaking, as it is much easier to get things in the right places when your partner isn’t actively trying to resist you! 😛

There are all sorts of Sleepy fantasies you can try. One of my favorites is when ever I get home from a party after having had a few drinks, I like to lean into my drunkenness and roleplay a fantasy of being the “drunk girl” who passes out and gets taken advantage of 🤤.

(FYI, I’m not advocating drinking exclusively here, and mixing booze with kink requires caution. The point is that when I drink, I often feel horny and this is a favorite fantasy I fall into. 😈)

Consensual Sleep Play

Of course sleep play doesn’t have to involve CNC. As I mentioned, for some people, being given the permission to play with your partners body at any time of the night gives an immense feeling of trust and freedom in the relationship. 

Similarly, the idea of waking up to your partner having sex with you, or giving you head, can make you feel extremely desirable – which is a huge turn on for lots of us! 

If you can add to this conversation, then please leave a comment! Tell me what aspects of sleep play are most appealing to you?

Want to explore more?

As with most kinks, sleep play can look very different for different people. If you are curious about trying sleep play with a partner, then make sure you have a conversation first around what you are wanting to get out of the play, and any specific details that might be important to you. (Ie. Do you want to be actually asleep, or just pretending? Do you want your partner to have to take your clothes off? Do you want to wake up during the play? etc.

For a detailed discussion about this topic, listen to episode #28 of my podcast Turns Out I’m Into It – available everywhere you listen to podcasts. 

Or experience a CNC Sleep Play Fantasy Now!

Harley 🐰 xx

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