No More Someday Goals. Making Kink Dreams a Reality.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on fet lately feeling a little (a lot) jelly of the awesome photos I see on there. I realised a lot of those jealous feelings come from feeling unsatisfied in my own kink progress.

As much as I’m having better sex now than I’ve ever had, there are still so many things I want to experience (that are definitely outside my comfort zone!). 😅

There’s a lot of reasons for not making your kink goals a reality. Ie not having the money, opportunity, confidence, etc. and all of those are valid. But I figure we have two choices… we either figure out a way to make it happen, or we don’t.

I’d much rather be 80-90 years old looking back at my life thinking “damn! I did some kinky arse stuff in my time!” then feel like I missed out.

If you’re reading this while gripped with FoMo, chances are you have some kinky experiences you REALLY want to try. Whether that’s finally having that threesome, learning to tie rope, covering your boss’s feet with honey and licking them clean… whatever your fantasy, my advice to you is:

  1. Pick something!
  2. Visualise yourself achieving it (I mean it, really imagine how it will feel, and let yourself get excited! This is how you will find the motivation to make it happen)
  3. Make a plan of what’s involved
  4. Pick a date, and hold yourself accountable!

If this writing has got you thinking then I highly recommend listening to my latest podcast episode (listen on AppleSpotify or in your browser). I go into much more detail about each step, using my own goals as an example.

Remember, only you can make your Fucket list experiences happen! As much as writing them down is helpful, you also need to make a plan and pick a date – otherwise they are just “someday goals” and we both know someday never comes.

Let’s make 80-year-old you proud! 🙌🏻

Harley 🐰 xx

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