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The Case of the Harry Potter Pyjamas

Picture me, about 18 months ago, in the pyjamas section of Big W. I was anxiously walking back and forth, holding a pair of pink, Harry Potter themed PJ’s… Over and over again, I would pick them up and start walking toward the registers, only to turn around and put them back on the rack.

So why was I so apprehensive about an innocent pair of Pj’s?

Well this was around the time Slade and I were first admitting we were curious to try Age Play. This was an area of kink that had previously been a hard limit for us, and we were very unsure about what we were comfortable with. Buying a pair of childlike Pj’s in a kinky context felt like a terrifying step in uncertain terrain.

Am I really ok with this?
Is this wrong? It feels wrong.
Do we really want to become Age Players?

The reason the pyjama incident was so significant was because it was really the moment I was deciding for myself, if I was ok with this… turns out I was.

Since this pivotal moment, age play has become an important part of my kinky identity. What started out as a curious desire to feel cute, and dress up in onesies, has now become a powerful way for me to switch off and express my (often neglected) inner child.

When I started playing in Little Space, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I actually thought it would feel silly pretending to be a kid. But it wasn’t like that at all. Playing in my little space, actually feels incredibly authentic. It’s like I’m allowing a very vulnerable, unfiltered version of myself to venture out into the world. That feels very healing at times.

What’s really interesting is that this gentler, more connected type of play is something I previously wasn’t able to experience. As a CNC kinkster, a big part of my core desire is to feel vulnerable and helpless. As much as CNC and little space feel like complete opposites, I’ve learned there is definitely some crossover between these two kinks. This means my little space has become kind of like a work around, allowing me to experience more intimate sex, while still getting the extreme power play that I need.

As always, thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts on these please leave me a comment! FYI, I may read some of the comments on a future episode of my podcast (it’s always great to hear different perspectives), so please let me know if you DON’T want your comment shared on the show.

Play safe, have fun,
Harley 🐰 xoxo

P.S If you’d like to hear about this story and my age play journey in more detail, listen to this week’s episode of my podcast.

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