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What it’s Like to Watch Your Partner Fuck Someone Else

The idea of watching your partner deep in the throws of steamy hot sex with “another woman” is an unbearable thought for – let’s face it – most people.

Yet when Slade and I were invited to partake in this very experience the other week, we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Slade and l have an open relationship so everything is ethical here. But still, as excited as I was to play the role of “voyeur” while my beloved was balls deep in a gorgeous young woman, there was a little voice of doubt in my head that said:

“What if I am suddenly overcome with jealousy?!”
“Isn’t the idea of your partner being with someone else meant to be a bad thing?”

This was, after all, the first time I would see him with someone else, and you can never be exactly sure how things will feel in the moment. 🤷‍♀️

That said, Slade and I have talked about our feelings A LOT in this space, and both feel very confident that this lifestyle is what we want. We value the freedom and openness of being ENM, and this was the perfect opportunity to take another step forward in our relationship.

If you guys want juicy details, I give a pretty detailed account of the whole experience in my podcast (listen to Episode #14 on Spotify or Apple). But the key takeaway for me was feeling absolutely vindicated, that yes indeed, I fucking love this “open relationship” thing!

Watching my partner with another woman was suuuuper fun and sexy AF! 🥵🔥 I cannot wait for more “group activities” to come (pun intended 😜). It did not inspire jealousy or insecurity, in fact it was quite the opposite. This was actually incredibly freeing!

I am so proud of the work both Slade and I have done to feel so secure, that this experience posed no threat to us at all. It actually made us feel stronger than ever. 💪

A massive thank you to the people involved in this particular session, we are so grateful you trusted us enough with this experience 🙏🏻

Also huge props to all of you kinksters out there who are brave enough to push the boundaries of what is considered “normal” and “acceptable” in sex and relationships. There is so much more to sexuality than society wants to admit, and the more of us who are down to explore, the easier and more acceptable it becomes for everyone else 💜

Harley 🐰 xoxo

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  1. You’ve found ‘compersion’ Harley. Congratulations. My girlfriend and I met at a swingers party about 6 years ago so we got off to a flying start and have been swinging consistenlty since then. We both enjoy seeing each other with other people, both men & women. I particularly enjoy it when she watches me sucking a man and calling me slutty names.

    Can’t wait to hear more of your stories Harley

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