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I don’t think I’m meant to be turned on by this… 😳

Have you ever been turned on by a scene in a movie that is definitely not supposed to be sexy?

Well that’s what happened to me back in 2019, when I was watching Shazam at the cinemas. Yes… Shazam. The DC superhero film. There is a scene that takes place at a board meeting in an office high rise building. The bad guy unleashes a bunch of scary demon monsters, who reap havoc on the executives. Basically the monsters brutally murder everybody in the room.

I’m not so into the brutal murder part… but those scary demon monsters? Totally working for me! 🤤😈

I’m no stranger to 3D monster porn. It’s a corner of the internet I have visited frequently over the years. Usually on those nights when the idea of a mere human cock just isn’t enough to satisfy my hunger for being violently gangbanged.

I can share this pretty confidently now, but my love of internet monster porn used to be a big source of shame for me! It was a very secret fantasy that I felt extremely embarrassed about, and had only shared with one particularly non-judgmental friend at the time – never a sexual partner.

At that moment in the cinema watching Shazam, when I saw a bunch of (all too familiar) monsters come up on the big screen… I felt a rush of embarrassment come over me. Although no one else could have possible known what these monsters did for me, I knew – and that was enough to send my kink shame into overdrive. 😳

I’m really interested to know if anyone reading this can relate? Is there a movie scene that you’ve found particularly saucy, even if that’s definitely not the way it was intended? How did you feel about that at the time? 🤔

As a girl with a massive kink for CNC, it’s not that hard to understand why a hoard of angry demon monsters might be a thing for me 🤷‍♀️ But this hasn’t always been easy to accept! Looking back on this memory now, I can see just how far I’ve come in my kink journey. I have no issues sharing this part of myself here, partly because I know most of you will understand, and partly because I no longer feel ashamed of it.

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