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Why I’ve decided to show my face on Fet…

Hey Fetlifers, so… this is me! I’m hanging out at home in my gorgeous kink cage. I still have some of yesterdays make up on and my hair is a mess, but I really like this photo because i feel like my authentic self in it, and that’s someone I’m trying to be more often 😊.

Like many people, I struggle with my body confidence, with shame around my kinks and my general weirdness, but so far this community has done an amazing job at helping me celebrate the things I’ve been taught to hide. I am so grateful to Fetlife, the Townsville kink scene, and of course to my amazing partner Slade, who have all been so encouraging in my journey. So today, after a lot of thought, I have decided to share more of myself here than ever before… My face.

For me, posting a face photo is the next logical step in my personal journey. I have strong values around sex positivity, confidence and acceptance, and sharing my face is my way of fully embracing those values.

I am definitely not saying this is the right choice for everyone. If you have clear boundaries around your privacy on Fet then I applaud you for upholding those boundaries. That’s an important skill in the kink world! 👏🏻 Personally, I don’t have a need (professional or personal) to remain anonymous on fetlife and it is more in line with my values to share my face than to not.

Yes there are always risks involved, but too often I find myself focusing only on the risks and ignoring what I stand to gain. To me, this feels like an empowering choice, that I am owning who I am despite how others might respond. That said, this is still scary as hell, so if you could leave a kind comment and show your support I will absolutely appreciate it 🙏🏻😅

If you’d like to hear more about my process for coming to this decision (and any other decisions I make in the kink world) then you can hear me speak about it on the latest episode of my podcast Turns Out I’m Into It.

You can listen on SpotifyApple, and Android.

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