I used to be a jerk about Age Play – this is why

Sex is a fundamental human need, yet in modern society, it is a topic deemed “inappropriate” in most settings, especially if the sex you desire is anything outside the vanilla! No wonder so many people have trouble bringing up kink with their partners.

Kink shaming is everywhere. It’s so normal you don’t even notice it. I remember YEARS ago when I was a teenager, I watched an episode of some crime drama (maybe CSI?) and the episode opened with the sound of a man screaming inside a brothel building. This cut to a shot of the man running down the long dark hallway, dressed as a baby with a diaper, bonnet and pacifier. He was screaming “Mumma.”

The scene was deliberately comical – showing this man as a delinquent freak to be laughed at. I realize now that this was my first exposure to Age Play. Since this moment – and likely a million more just like it, I have previously carried around a lot of judgment about this kink in particular.

It wasn’t until meeting with a lovely (completely non-delinquent) couple, who enjoyed age play, that I was prompted to question my judgments around this kink. Since then, Age Play has been something I’ve grown to really enjoy! I love dressing up in my onesie, sucking on a pacifier while Slade reads me a bedtime story. Being in little space allows me to let my inner child take the wheel for a while, and gives me a much needed break from my Big self responsibilities.

I talk about this in much more detail in episode 8 of my podcast, Turns Out I’m Into it.

If this interests you, you can listen on SpotifyApple, and Android.

Here’s to letting go of society’s judgements and exploring kink with an open mind!
Harley xx

(Originally posted to Fetlife)

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