Caged at a Party – Thank You!

Over the weekend I found myself locked in a cage, being stared at, poked, prodded with a cane, and fondled by groping hands… it was sooo fun!

For the purposes of privacy I won’t disclose any details of the place or persons involved, but I’m super grateful to all of you 🙏🏻😊

After arriving at the party, I spotted the cage almost immediately. It’s elegant black vertical bars, green snakeskin platform, all on wheels so it’s captive can be easily moved around and positioned at will 🤤 As a sub, I have always wanted to experience being locked up in something like this. I was certain I would love it, and I was right!

First I was locked inside with a gorgeous female kinkster. We were on display for all to see. Being so confined with the two of us in there, I had my arse pressed up against the bars (see my photos). I very much enjoyed feeling her hands on me, while my partner prodded at me with a large cane through the bars.

Later I had the chance to be in the cage on my own. This time with the added sensation of chains around my ankles and wrist (yummy!). Being alone in the cage allowed me to sink deeper into my submissive headspace. I got to experience lots of delightful kinky feelings!

Firstly, I loooove being confined like this. For me, it is oddly calming. To have my own small space that is mine. Separate from the world but also still able to observe, and be observed. I have a tendency to over think social situations, so having the very clear and simple role of “stay in your cage and be quiet” was very comforting. I could have stayed there for hours.

Secondly…. I am realising just how much I enjoy feeling objectified and disrespected. The feeling of mens eyes on my body, being unable to cover myself. I loved the feeling of hands on me while in the cage and would like to explore this more – perhaps in a situation where I could give prior consent, then enjoy the feeling of being groped by strangers at their lessiour. (Wowee just writing that is getting me all excited 😛)

Often in my life I have found these feelings confusing. Disrespecting and objectifying women is something I disagree with, but there are times where something deep inside me really really wants this. It makes me feel incredibly sexy. In the right context (like this one) it was exciting to be able to play with these feelings.

This experience reminded me of just how much more of this world I want to explore, and how strong some of these feelings are for me.

I’m so grateful to the party hosts for giving me this opportunity, and also for the great community here in Townsville that consistently make me feel safe enough to explore these things. You are awesome!

(Originally posted to Fetlife)

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