Embrace your true self through kink and connection.


Ep6 – Banned from Instagram, Kink Vision Boards, Negotiating Kinky Play

In today’s episode I share with you why this podcast was immediately banned from Instagram and Facebook (spoiler alert… it’s kind of infuriating). I also share about how I’ve been doing a deep dive into my kinks and discovering new things about myself through making a kink vision board! Sounds super weird I know, but hear me out! You might like to try it too…

Ep5 – Flying your freak flag – Self acceptance in kink

In this episode of “Turns Out I’m Into It,” host Harley Rabbit delves into self-acceptance in kink. Through sharing her personal experiences, Harley explores the ways in which shame and self-doubt can hold us back, and how learning to accept our kinky selves (no matter how weird and wonderful) can lead to more fulfilling relationships and experiences.

Ep2 – Look at my tits, not my face!

Welcome back to “Turns out I’m into it!” In this episode, we’re diving into the world of privacy and anonymity in kink. We’ll explore why privacy is so important, and how you can protect yourself while still putting yourself out there.

Ep1 – Let’s talk about kink!

Welcome to the first episode of “Turns out I’m into it!” This podcast is about having open and honest conversations about sex, BDSM, and kink. 

Your host, Harley Rabbit, shares her own personal story of discovering her kinks at a young age, and how exploring them has become an integral part of who she is today.


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