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Backstage: Water Bondage Death Fantasy (episode #33)

This week on the podcast I shared all about the Water Bondage scene the night before. This turned out to be a profoundly peaceful experience – and not at all what I was expecting. In this video I wanted to go a little deeper into the mindset that I was in during this scene.

Backstage: Shame story I left out of this week’s podcast (episode #31)

This week on the podcast we were talking about shame – particularly shame that comes up when our kinks don’t align with out personal values. I had a personal story that I cut out of the podcast – just because it’s a bit heavy- but I thought it would be more appropriate to share here. 

Backstage: My collar collection! (episode #26)

I thought I’d ‘Show & Tell’ about my growing collar collection. In this video I talk about each of my different collars and what they mean to me and why. Plus I show off my brand new steel collar from hardrrr.com, which is just about my favorite thing ever! (Well… maybe aside from my cage).

Backstage: My biggest free use fantasy (episode #25)

Let me tell you about my biggest Free Use Fantasy! This one involves having a weekend away with a group of consenting kinksters, to indulge in a free-use weekend – where everyone is available for the taking. This video is in addition to episode #25 of my podcast Turns Out I’m Into It – available everywhere you listen to podcasts!

Braving Sharks for Samples…

It’s so good to be out and about recording some field samples again. This time I’m down at the local beach recording some waves sounds. I’m pretty lucky to live in a place like this, though the wildlife can be a little scary!


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