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About Harley

Hi I’m Harley, thanks for stopping by!

I am an erotic audio artist, which means I bring erotic fantasies to life through audio. 

My audio stories are not porn – they are an authentic expression of my erotic nature. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that one very narrow type of sex is normal. This is usually romantic, passionate, and with one person. We are also taught that anything that falls outside this realm is not normal. 

This just isn’t true. Human eroticism is as varied and unique as we are. People are turned on by all kinds of things, and there is no reason for us to feel ashamed of that.

Dark fantasies

Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoyed pretending to be a caged animal, or imagining being wrapped up by a giant spider who was going to eat me for dinner! These childhood games were the beginnings of my adult eroticism. 

As I got older, my fantasies became more sexual, and almost always involved rape. For years I felt deeply ashamed and confused by this. Did this mean I wanted to be raped? Was there something wrong with me? 

It wasn’t until I began exploring BDSM, that I learned that rape fantasies are extremely common in both men and women. Because of the tabooess of the topic, it’s dificult to get a clear number, but most studies estimate at least 50% of women have had rape fantasies in their lives.

That does not mean anyone wants to be raped or rape someone for real. Fantasies like this can actually allow us to explore and integrate suppressed parts of our psyche, and also play a role in soothing past traumas. 

For more information on this, check out my podcast.

A Message for You

If you are like me, and do not fit neatly into the mold for desiring loving, romantic sex,  then it is likely that you are one of the millions of people whose eroticism is being shamed and repressed. 

It is my hope that through creating this audio art, you will have the chance to experience darker fantasies with complete safety, and with the privacy of your own headphones.

It is only through letting go of judgments, and peering inside ourselves with open minded curiosity, that we get the chance to learn who we truly are, and what we desire. That is the first step in living your most authentic and fulfilling sex life. 

I encourage you to go down this rabbit hole slowly. What lies at the bottom might be frightening, but as I’ve learned, frightening can be fun!

xoxo Harley Rabbit


The content on this website was created for ADULT ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. It contains sexually explicit fiction/fantasy elements that may be offensive to some viewers. If such material is illegal in your community and / or you find this content offensive, please leave this page immediately.

The images and audios on this website were created for artistic purposes, and all characters and events depicted are entirely fictional. None of the acts depicted nor the characters words necessarily reflect the opinions or worldview of the artists/authors. No real persons were physically or psychologically harmed during production. All characters depicted in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older. All acts are consensual.

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