My first water bondage scene! 💧

So last week I got tied up in ropes in my friend’s pool. I had my arms, wrists and legs tied, so I could not swim at all… the experience was amazing, but not at all what I expected! 

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Backstage: Water Bondage Death Fantasy (episode #33)

This week on the podcast I shared all about the Water Bondage scene the night before. This turned out to be a profoundly peaceful experience – and not at all what I was expecting. In this video I wanted to go a little deeper into the mindset that I was in during this scene.

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Tied and Taken – Shibari Stories

One for the bunnies… Take a walk along the beach at sunset, with a sexy rigger. Relax, as you listen to the sound of the waves, as you walk hand in hand, with the beach to yourselves. Once you reach the jetty, he will tie a beautiful chest harness over your dress, just as the sun disappears beyond the horizon.

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Subspace is a state of altered consciousness that some individuals may experience during BDSM activities. It’s often described as a deep, euphoric, and meditative state that can be achieved through intense physical and psychological stimulation, such as pain, restraint, and domination.

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Shibari Stories – The Mermaid Tie

This audio fantasy is an intimate description of a real life shibari scene between two partners. Relax into ropes and experience a more sensual side of power play. Don’t forget to charge your toys!

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Rope Bondage

Rope bondage is a form of BDSM play that involves tying a person up using rope. The rope can be used to bind a person’s limbs, body, or both, and the resulting restraint can be used for a variety of purposes, including aesthetic, psychological, and/or sexual stimulation.

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