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Exploring my Objectification Kink – When Shitty Experiences Can Have a Silver Lining

In the bedroom, one of my favorite feelings is being objectified. It turns me on like crazy! For example, when Slade fucks me from behind, and balances his phone on my arse so that he can watch porn, while he uses me like a piece of fuck meat. 🤤 Gah… so good!

But hold on….

This isn’t what women should enjoy…

… so then why does it feel so goddamn good? 🤔

As a teen, I was the younger sibling to a much more confident and popular older sister. She had bigger boobs than me, was skinnier than me, and she didn’t have a face covered in freckles (I love my freckles now btw.) In highschool, I was often compared to my sister, and made to feel pretty unremarkable by comparison.

I realise now that my objectification kink is basically the antidote to those shitty feelings. I used to be the awkward unattractive girl that boys didn’t notice. But now… now they want to fuck me. I can feel it in their hungry eyes, the way they look at my body and tell me all the ways they want to use it for their own pleasure (Mmmmm… ok. I think I’m gonna need some special alone time is a sec 🤤).

My point is, this feels extremely validating for me. It makes me feel hot and desirable. And no, not for who I am on the inside, but because my body is banging! Freckles, small boobs and all! No longer am I the invisible sibling. I’m the hottest girl in school!

Unfortunately, early life experiences like this can have a pretty nasty effect on your self esteem, and I’m no exception. However… in my case they at least seem to have a silver lining. I mean, I’m not grateful for those memories, but understanding how they have contributed to my now fucking fantastic sex life, helps me to claim some positive meaning from them. 🤷‍♀️

In the latest episode of my podcast (#12) I talk in detail about the many different feelings I get from my CNC fantasies, (objectification, confinement, fear, etc) and why those feelings are positive for me. If this is something you’d like to understand better yourself, then the links are below.

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